Seasonal Beers


Belgian White IPA

5.6% ABV 56 IBU


 Bourbon Barrel Blend 7 on Nitro

9+% ABV 90+ IBU


Belgian Pils

5.2% ABV 51 IBU


Bourbon Barrel Blend 6

7.4% ABV   52 IBU


May Lager

6.7% ABV   31 IBU


Local Amber

6.6% ABV   33 IBU


Maku: Mixed Fermentation Sour Amber

5.2%  ABV    16 IBU


Mumford: Mixed Fermentation Sour Red

7.4% ABV 32  IBU


Yukon: Mixed Fermentation Sour Red

7% ABV 20  IBU


Trouble Maker Tripel: Brett. Drei Fermented

9.3% ABV   36 IBU

House Specialties

North Coast Amber.

Well balanced Amber Ale. Brewed with Munich and caramel malts.

Derailed Ale

Classic American Pale Ale. Brewed with Glacier, Colombus, and Cascade hops.

Burntwood Black

Roasty, malty, Black Ale brewed with seven varieties of barley for complex, robust flavor.

India Pagan Ale

Our version of a West Coast style IPA, it has a light body with a tropical fruit like finish.

Lawn Chair

An ale version of a light lager. It is fermented cool and is crisp, clean, and low hopped.

Velo Saison

Pilsen, wheat and Munich malts set the stage for the yeast's fruity and spicy esters.

Trouble Maker Triple 

This Belgian Style Tripel may be light in color, but is big in flavor and alcohol.